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    White-Collar Populism by Dustin Guastella

    The rise of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic Party mark a reemergence of progressive politics in the American Left. Although they do share similar policies, Dustin Guastella claims that Warren represents the interests of "liberal professionals" – the white-collar class that has marginalized working-class interests for the past fifty years.

  • 92

    In Every Dark Hour by Jill Lepore

    What is the future of American democracy? Headlines posit that it's failing and there is nothing we can do about it. Jill Lepore takes us back to the 1930s when democracies around the world were truly in peril, and argues that with civic-mindedness we can write our own future.

  • 91

    Fear of a Populist Planet by Seth Ackerman

    Seth Ackerman moderates a debate on populism between some prominent political scientists. They discuss how the Left's shift towards centrist economic policies has opened up an opportunity for Right wing parties to appeal to working-class voters.

  • 80

    The Next Word by John Seabrook

    Can a computer write an article for The New Yorker? John Seabrook investigates the intersection of writing and artifical intelligence.