The Inquiring Reader
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This website is for anybody looking to find and discuss writing they are interested in. There are a lot of crowd-based review websites on the internet that will tell you how good or bad something is; what these sites lack is a way to easily discover what you will like. When the amount of choices is so large, it’s difficult to narrow them down and actually decide on something to dedicate your free time on.

There is also a section called On Reading that dives into the meta, philosophical, and academic aspects of reading and criticism. This is intended for avid readers and aspiring writers, as it looks into some of the drier, theoretical parts of writing, but it may turn out that you are interested in these topics as well.

Hopefully, you will like the writing that is reviewed here, and even have a place to discuss it once you are done. Please comment freely anywhere on the website. I would love to have your opinions and feedback.

  • Jon