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  • 89

    Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 by Tony Judt

    Postwar is an awe-inspiring history of the European community rebuilt from the remnants of World War II. It plunges into the horrendous regimes of postwar dictators, perilous revolutions led by university students, and viscous wars that both tore down and gave birth to new nations.

  • 85

    How Propaganda Works by Jason Stanley

    How Propaganda Works rigorously defines, describes, and identifies propaganda in modern democracies. In today's world, propaganda has learned to wear a number of masks. Jason Stanley provides us with the tools necessary to build sound arguments against this enemy of reason.

  • 84

    Beautiful Country Burn Again by Ben Fountain

    How could the media and polls have been so wrong about the 2016 election? Ben Fountain compiles his own work on the campaign trail to paint a picture vastly different from what the media depicted at the time.

  • 83

    Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed

    In the ruins of WWI, war debt and reparations weighed heavily on European countries. The central bankers of Britain, France, and Germany had to come together alongisde the United States – now a first-class economic power – to rebuild the global economy. Their mistakes would soon drive the world to the Great Depression.

  • 82

    American Pragmatism by Albert R. Spencer

    Americans are known for our dismissal of traditions and norms, our rugged individualism, and our pragmatism. But, what is pragmatism? Albert R. Spencer surveys the philosphical tradition and how it relates to our understanding of American exceptionalism.

  • 81

    An American Sickness by Elizabeth Rosenthal

    American healthcare is in disarray. Pharmaceuticals are at astronomical prices, hospital bills can send people plummeting into bankruptcy, and millions of Americans go without health insurance every year. How did it get to this, and what can we do to fix it?