The Inquiring Reader
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Brandon Sanderson

  • The Way of Kings

    Stormlight Archive #1

    The world's guardians have left humanity to petty rivalries and deceit. Highprince Dalinar Kholin must unite his kingdom before the Voidbringers return. Kaladin must escape slavery and find his true calling. Shallan must save her house from ruin while discovering the truth of the world and what is to come.

  • Words of Radiance

    Stormlight Archive #2

    Kaladin has saved Bridge Four from the clutches of Torol Sadaes’s bridge runs. Dalinar begins to have visions from the Almighty warning him of an impending Desolation. Shallan must make her way to the Shattered Plains while coming to terms with her past and discovering her powers.

  • Oathbringer

    Stormlight Archive #3

    Odium, the god of passion, leads an army of Parshendi to lay siege to Roshar. Dalinar Kholin must unite the kingdoms under a new order of Knights Radiant before their cities are captured. But he is plagued by his past mistakes, and he must come to terms with them and save himself before he can save others.